Things to do this Summer with a BIG screen

Summer is not over yet! Make the most out of the rest of this season and be sure to include a fun-filled activity in your summer bucket list. Well here is a perfect summer time idea from FunFlicks Australia, Dive-in Movies! It’s high time for those pool floats, beach balls and old-time favorite movies to be brought to light. Swagger your stuff in swimsuits and enjoy summer time season with loved ones. Savor those kebabs and refreshments and take pleasure in viewing your much loved films outside. Family members can integrate child-friendly activities and games for everyone to delight from while viewing their most wanted animated films simultaneously. If you think that this party idea is only great for the young ones, then you are unquestionably wrong. Corporate summer time events and trips such as swimming parties can be spiced up too by renting an outdoor inflatable screen where any demonstration may be shown while interacting. Be worry-free and have fun. People, young and old, students or professionals, home buddies or outgoing, will definitely have a morale boost in dive-ins.


Hire FunFlicks, get an outdoor inflatable cinema system and have an outside theatre program at the comfort of your own house and engage yourself in a summer fever! All outdoor cinema screen displays features 16:9 rate wide screen and provides both back and front projector display choice. A Complete HD projector that gives out high definition outcome and powerful Behringer outdoor speaker system will surely complete your total outside theatre experience. The projector display program provides a variety of multi-media incorporation from Blu-Ray/DVD gamers to gaming games consoles, notebooks and MP3 gamers and it is effectively kept in a road case for easy transportation. Everything that you think that you would ever need for the outside set up provided in the Dive-in outdoor theater system. Choose one from their three service types which are DIY, SEMI or FULL wherein you have the choice to do everything yourself after being briefed by FunFlicks or have the entire outside occasion organized out and all set up for you, then you are good to go. FunFlicks is extremely pleased to have a range of offers that can serve any size of audience, from 3 to 3000, may it be an outside or inside occasion.

So why wait? Hire an open air cinema system and enjoy the rest of the summer season.