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Summer ideas!

Running out of ideas for the summer? Tired of just lounging around your home and doing nothing? Well here is a perfect summer idea from FunFlicks Australia, Dive-in Movies! It is time to reveal the pool floats, strut your stuff in bikinis and enjoy the summer with family and friends. Bring out those barbecues and lemonade, and take pleasure in watching your favorite movies outdoor. People of all ages and from all walks of life will definitely have a blast in dive-ins. Corporate summer events and outings such as swim parties can be spiced up by adding an outdoor inflatable screen where any presentation may be displayed while socializing. Families can incorporate kiddie games and activities for everyone to savor while watching their most wanted cartoon movies at the same time.

summer idea on the beach

So what are you waiting for? Hire FunFlicks, get an outdoor inflatable movie screen, have an outdoor cinema system at the convenience of your own home and indulge yourself in a hot  summer fiasco! All outdoor inflatable screens features 16:9 ratio widescreen and provides both front and rear projection option. An HD projector system with high resolution output and powerful speakers will surely complete your total outdoor cinema experience. The projection system provides a wide range of multimedia integration from                         Blu-Ray/DVD players to game consoles, laptops and MP3 players and can be stored efficiently in a road case for easy transport. Turn it into a Dive-in system as it can be used in an outdoor set up.

All you have to do is choose from three service types which are DIY, SEMI or FULL wherein you have the option to do everything yourself after being briefed by your FunFlicks technician or have the entire outdoor event planned and set up for you.  FunFlicks is proud to have an array of packages that can cater to any size of crowd, from 3 to 3000, may it be an indoor or outdoor event.

Enjoy summer at the beach with a movie