Movie Licence PPL

Movie Licence PPL

In general, the Commonwealth Copyright Act allows movies screened in a private backyard to be free of any licence requirement. Beyond the backyard, all screenings are deemed to be a public performance and liable to licence requirement. This includes movies screened on private land such as private golf clubs and the like. This is something we can advise you on and help you to determine if it required and how to obtain a license.
The penalty for screening a movie without a licence is generally up to $250,000 for the promoter and for the exhibitor. The procedure for obtaining a licence is for the promoter or exhibitor in get in touch with the licensor and request permission to screen the stated movie. The licensor will request specific information and then give the permission to screen on payment of the licence fee. Not all film studios and not all films are available for licensing all the time. When seeking a licence it is wise to request 2 or 3 movies in case the number one choice is not available. As far as new movies / new to DVD goes, we find that movies are allowed to be screened outdoors around 6‐8 weeks after their DVD release date. If you wish to show new movies (movies still at the cinema)
The movie license fee is a minimum flat fee or 35% of your ticket sales, (whichever is greater) for ticketed events and for free events it is usually just a flat fee. For events where license is 35% of ticket sales the remaining cost above the quoted flat fee for your movie license is billed after the event based on final takings for the event. Licenses differ in cost depending on a number variables including; location of event; ticket prices; number in audience; proximity of location to other cinemas; advertising efforts; screen size; time of year. If you would like to obtain a quote for movie license please provide this information to your coordinator, if details change a new quote can be arranged

All movie titles are subject to distributor approval and MOAC takes no responsibility for film titles that are not approved by the distributor. We recommend having at least 3 movie preferences when applying for your movie license in case your first or second preferences are not available for public performance.

With our DIY and SEMI serviced options you or your event organiser are responsible for obtaining a license, we will assist you in the process if you are unfamiliar with how to obtain one for your event.

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