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Karaoke Party

Add an exciting and truly interactive twist to your next party!
Get together with a few friends, and sing as a group one evening or kick it up a notch at your next fundraiser outdoor cinema event.

Karaoke Party

If you’re not too sure how to get started and karaoke is not your forte; grab some tips and pointers from our guide below.

  1. Decide the location. Do you want to have a karaoke night at home? At a bar? In a park? Don’t go somewhere where people might get annoyed by simple distractions. Go somewhere open, free, and safe.
  2. Decide who’s attending. Will both your family and your friends come? or is it open to all. . Let everyone have a slice of fun.
  3. Get a karaoke machine, boom-box, or create your own with a laptop connected to a loud, big music-playing  device, like an iPod player/speaker. Without one, a karaoke night will be almost impossible. Make sure it includes a microphone and speakers (preferably dual) if possible. The easy solution is that with our Fully serviced events, FunFlicks can provide Karaoke facilities; simply ask your event coordinator if it is available for your event night.
  4. Get some snacks and beverages to add to the entertainment and fun. If you are fundraising, food and beverages are the key to increasing profits away from ticket sales and big cost items. Some examples are chips, pretzels, fruit snacks, popcorn, jello and fruit. Offer a range of beverages for families, non alcoholic for people driving home or you can include full meals, like buffalo wings and fries, plus vegetables.
  5. Decorate! create a themed night or spruce up the park, make it fun to add to the experience.


  • Karaoke is about having fun, not getting a record deal, so don’t be too embarrassed if you can’t sing well. Choose a song that makes you “get going” when you hear it up loud; you might want to think about the song over snacks and get prepared, and you can always do more than one!
  • Song selection, start with a song you know well or is well known. Choose an easy going song to start off with (no high notes / crazy raps). Older songs should go down well because everyone knows them.
  • Doing a duet is lots of fun – not just if you’re shy, either!
  • Make sure everyone has a turn to sing a song they like. If they don’t want to sing, don’t force them too.
  • Don’t give up. Try again. Practice a lot for the next party..