ideas for kids movie parties

Ideas For Kids Movie Parties

Take advantage of the warm weather

Everybody loves watching an outdoor movie. It is relaxing and it is fun. Before the movie starts you can always have a barbecue with the normal refreshments.

Whilst waiting for the sun to go down an idea that works really well at kids movie parties is to play games on the big screen with PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo. Kids love playing games on the giant inflatable outdoor movie screen. The contrast or screen detail is not as critical with games as it is with movies. This also keeps the kids occupied!

Don’t forget the pop corn! Everybody loves pop corn at the movies! Thanks to modern technology, making pop corn is a real breeze. There are specialist companies that hire out the equipment and provide the consumables. Another option of course for the big outdoor movie event is Fairy Floss. We work closely with Flossy’s Floss who are very good at this.Ideas For Kids Movie Parties

Another food idea is to have a pizza oven and make your own yummy pizzas in the backyard right beside the huge outdoor inflatable movie screen. If that is too challenging or like to much hard work you can always the get the local pizza man to deliver. Check Google out for both services.

For larger outdoor movie parties consider a live band. Music really works and sets the mood. Everybody relaxes and unwinds with live music. A small 3 piece band playing the right themed music should not cost a lot.

To help set the right atmosphere and create the right mood think about a little signage. You can buy large plastic signs and place them at the right spot to show the guests where the outdoor movie party is all set up. It is a small thing but helps set the mood!

The size of the outdoor movie screen is important. There are three things to consider with the huge inflatable movie screen. One is matching the size of the screen with the size of the audience, another is matching the size of the screen with the size of the backyard, will it fit! And the other is to remember the bigger the screen the bigger the wow! factor. The best system and service for kids movie parties is our DIY VIP50

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