Fundraising the best idea

Ideas for Outdoor and Indoor Movies


Remember all fundraising events can be successful, but you only get out what you put in! A well planned and promoted event, with a variety of revenue streams will always be a success. The more effort you put in, the more funds you are likely to raise.

Ticket-iconTicket Sales

The first and most obvious idea is ticket sales, which goes without saying!  It is smart to think of adding non ticket sales revenue generating ideas.

Sponsorship / Advertising

Lets be frank, planning and organising an outdoor movie event can get a little on the expensive side of things. To help cover the costs of arranging these fantastic events we recommend selling advertising or sponsorship for your event. Advertising is easily screened as a PowerPoint presentation prior to your feature and can also be screened again during your intermission if you would like.If you need some assistance to get started on your PowerPoint check out our Free fundraiser info Pack

Fundraising Ideas  Drive in

popcorn-iconFood and Beverages

Other natural add ons are food and beverages and when you hold an event where children are ‘collected’, such as a school disco, awards day or sports day, don’t forget the grown-ups!  If you have access to a bar and catering facilities you are in a great position already to sell refreshments. Popcorn remains a huge success and a winner for all.

lollies-iconFundraising Products / Services

Along with food and beverages there are other items that you can sell in order to make increase your revenue such as; Show bags of goodies, Blankets for those cool summer evenings, Disposable chairs and much more.


How will an intermission help raise more money? A simple break of 15 – 30 minutes mid movie allows viewers to get up, stretch their legs and buy a warm drink, an ice-cream, or more popcorn if they want to.


Whatever the event, it needs to be promoted.  This requires time so, allow for it!  Ideas that have worked in the past include; advertisements and PR in the local newspaper, School newsletters and if you would like more ideas see our Free Fundraising kit.

As MOAC offers postponement to all our events that experience wet weather and you too can do the same with your ticket sales. Encourage pre-purchased tickets by offering a money back guarantee or to transfer tickets to the new date if the movie gets postponed.  Many people wait to buy tickets until the day of the movie to see what the weather will do, and may forget to buy tickets all together.


Many family events often include small children. Keep in mind that outdoor movie events during summer time cannot begin until sunset, often meaning a 9.00 – 9.30pm start time which is too late for the littlies!

movie-rail-iconMovie Selection

To ensure a good attendance it is critical to screen the right movie for the occasion.  If you are encouraging families to attend, keep the movie rating to G or perhaps PG. Disney or Pixar movies are always a fairly safe movie choice.

You will never be allowed to screen a movie that is on at the same time as in a regular cinema.  DVD movies normally become available 8 weeks after they finish in the cinema.  Some movies are not available for outdoor screening but may be available for indoor screening.  The best solution is to select say 3 to 5 movies and send in the request for the film licence to the distributor.  You will normally receive a response within 24 hours advising availability and cost. For more information check out our licensing page.

Happy Fundraising!

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