Fundraising Cancer Council

Certificate from Cancer Council

We a are very pleased , recently we received a Certificate of Appreciation from Cancer Council Victoria. The Manningham Relay For Life Organizing Committee held their 6th annual Manninham Relay For life event  on 14 & 15 September 2013. FunFlicks Australia  supported the event helping them raise AUD $42,000. This  is a remarkable demonstration that our products are meant to help the community transmit messages, especially those that touch our hearts. Organizations such as the Cancer Council remind us all that there are people out there that need our support, not only for those that are suffering cancer, but their families and those that have lost their loved ones.

If you want to know more about their organization and how you can help , here is the link to their website and if you belong to this community and want more information about this past event and future events from The Manningham Relay For Life 

Thank you letter Certificate of appreciation