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Yes that’s right! we bring movies to you!

Big Screen Hire Australia

Big Screen Hire where ever you are in Melbourne or Australia wide! Have you ever considered holding an outdoor movie event with your local school, business, council, sports clubs and wondered who would operate such an event? Well that would be us. FunFlicks will come directly to you and tailor an event that is perfect for your group or organisation. Your Big Screen Hire and open air cinema event can be as big or as intimate as you want, the choice is yours. Tell us about your event to receive a custom quotation our request form  and we promise to assist you through the whole process and ensure that it runs just the way you want.

We do provide inflatable movie screen, projector and AV sound systems rentals so you can host your own DIY indoor and outdoor movie or family backyard birthday party night.  

Request your big screen hire Australia wideNot sure what will work best? Tell us about your event idea by completing the request form & we will do the rest 

Services to suit your big screen hire Australia wideWe offer a range of mobile outdoor and indoor event services for many different types of open air cinema & big screen hire events including, traditional outdoor cinema, indoor cinema, drive in movies, rooftop cinema, parties, presentations, fundraising events, community events, sports club events, commercial festivals and events. We offer a range of products to suit the above variety of events including inflatable screens & fold-able screens and of course the associated projection and audio equipment to complete the systems.

Put simply we have three services that we offer which you can match to an event size of your choice

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