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Similar to a fully serviced event, we arrange all the details with you, help you plan your event, but the difference is you operate the event & obtain the Movie license. On the event day, we come to you with all the equipment, set it up, make sure it all operating correctly and then show you how to use it. All you have to do it press play! After the event we ask that you pack up our equipment and return it to us the next business day.SEMI Serviced Cinema HireThis takes the stress out of set up, but is financially more affordable than a full serviced event. Priced between a full service and a DIY hire, the semi-serviced event could be the best option for your next outdoor movie event.

Complete outdoor or indoor movie theatre equipment with our SEMI service is perfect for community events, schools, fundraisers or in your own backyard for a special birthday, hen’s night or party. Everyone will be amazed with the quality and genuine WOW factor that the large inflatable and indoor screens deliver. Enjoy a unique outdoor movie experience under the stars. Advertising space is available which is perfect for fundraisers, you can provide media for screening slideshows, commercials and sponsorships, make special announcements or play video games for a more interactive event experience. Fantastic for Graduation, Halloween Event, Football Party Idea, pool party & much, more.

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