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FunFlicks assists you to plan the perfect outdoor event. Without having to worry about setting up and running the event it allows you to focus more on selling advertising and sponsorship, other stall holders such as coffee carts, popcorn, fairy floss, mobile bar services and finally getting an audience to attend! You simply provide us with a venue, and we sort out the rest.FULL Serviced Cinema EventOur fee includes full service prior to event including support and guidance for your event arranging and obtaining your movie license if your event requires one. Complete outdoor or indoor movie theatre equipment rental, delivery, set-up, operation an event technician for onsite operation and removal. It’s the perfect community event idea and everyone in your community, school or organisation will be amazed with the extreme quality and genuine WOW factor that the inflatable screens deliver and the unique outdoor movie experience. Advertising space is available which is perfect for fundraisers, you can provide media for screening slideshows, commercials and sponsorships, make special announcements or play video games for a more interactive event experience.

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If you need a precise quotation or more information about a specific event, please fill our request form, this way we will be able to help you create a wonderful event

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Things to consider for your serviced event include;

  • Venue
  • Exact location of screen for set up
  • FunFlicks van access to site
  • Availability of power to site – generators can be organised if no power is available.
  • Space availability for front or rear projection
  • Intermission for food/ beverage purchases and toilet breaks
  • Availability of food and beverages
  • Access to toilets
  • Movie title to suit your audience
  • Parking
  • Advertising
  • Sponsorship

We are happy to arrange a time for a site inspection should you be unsure about your location and screen size. Please contact us for prices and any further information, or refer to our downloads page for other information and terms and conditions for serviced events.