Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment does Open Air Cinema Hire provide for an event?

You will typically receive a inflatable or folded screen in a carry bag, an air blower, powerful speakers & accessories, Blu-ray/DVD player and Digital Projector, all audio and power cables, tethers & stakes as required as well as 1-3 technicians if you have selected the semi or fullserviced rental types.

What happens if it rains?

Funflicks always recommends having a back up indoor venue just in case it rains. You do have the option of postponing the event and reschedule to another date.

How long does setup take?

Typically Funflicks technicians likes to get to the venue about 1 – 2 hours before the audience arrives but this can vary according to the type of event. Anything less than 1 hour can be difficult.

Can you deliver or send a tech to set up?

Yes this is offered in our SEMI and FULL serviced events, contact us direct for more details.

Do you work with charities?

FunFlicks loves to work with charitable organisations such as the Cancer council, CFA and many more to promote the need or to raise funds. Our Event Experts would be more than happy to help work on your event and provide advice on how to maximize your efforts.

Do we need insurance?

The owner of the land will need to have insurance so you need to double check this early in your organizing. Open Air Cinema does carry insurance on all areas we are liable for (mostly equipment and staff related) but we do recommend that you seek further advice on this area as it is important not to put your organisation at risk.

Do we have to sign an agreement?

Yes. This ensures that both parties have full understanding of their obligations and rights.

What type of venues can the equipment be setup in?

Funflicks screens are very versatile and durable so options on set up can be very broad. Car parks, parks, beaches, on a barge or even a roof top are all possible for as long as there is enough space for the screen, equipment, audience and the area is deemed safe and secure.

What should I consider when selecting an area for an Outdoor Movie Event?

Safety for your guests is always the first consideration as the last thing you need is anyone getting hurt. Is the area pleasant and or picturesque, great views can go a long way to drawing a crowd. Lighting is also a concern as you do not want big street lights near the screen which will interfere with the projection quality. The venue should also be well maintained with short grass or clean of rubbish, sprinklers, gas and electrical lines. Considering how close the event will be to residents is also a strong consideration along with amply parking for guests. For more information on this important topic contact Open Air Cinema.

Can we advertise at our event?

Yes, in fact we encourage all event organizers to use the screen as much as possible with any promotion you would like to display. The Open Air Cinema draw so much attention that the recall on advertising is fantastic. This also lends your event with the option of seeking sponsorship which can increase the amount you can raise in a night. Sponsors love the Open Air Cinema when they see their brand or product displayed larger than life. see our free fundraising info kit for more ideas.

What are the benefits of hosting an Outdoor Movie event?

Outdoor movies with Open Air Cinema Hire are a fantastic way to watch your favourite films under the stars whilst either fundraising for a worthwhile cause or impressing clients. They are a perfect way to bring the whole community together. The sheer difference of watching your favourite film in your local park is a great experience that will not only be appreciated but applauded. Such events are renowned for attracting strong media coverage and word of mouth promotion which is extremely helpful when trying to promote an event.