EPIC Event: The Versatile Cinema

Perfect for 100 – 500 Guests

Have an open air cinema in Summer or an indoor movie event during the winter months as most venues will have the space for our range of screens. Ideally suited to schools, sporting clubs, community groups, fundraisers, small film and music festivals.Open Air CinemaAll inclusive systems can be used with either front or rear projection depending on your location; they are among the most popular of our range, light, fast and easily setup by one person in under an hour. These systems can be used for just about anything including; playing movies, music videos on DVD and Blu-Ray, gaming such as Nintendo Wii, PlayStation or Xbox, live camera footage, live TV, music and slide shows. All indoor & outdoor systems are projection and work best in darkness, check out the time and date website to see what time the sunset will be for your event location and date, or call us.


Up to350 guests, choose Epic350 event then select how you would like us to service the event, DIYSEMI or FULL service by clicking the links or selecting from the website menu & reading which option best suits your needs & budget.

From $880


Up to 500 guests, choose Epic500 event then select how you would like us to service the event, FULL service by clicking the links or selecting from thewebsite menu & reading which option best suits your needs & budget.

From $1500


Up to 650 guests, choose our LEGEND650 event then see how we operate our FULL serviced events by clicking the link. Complete the online request form for a customised quote and general pricing of our Legendary Events.

From $1800

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Type of Services

We offer different type of services for each size of event you want to run,  click on each to find out more…



Open Air Cinema EPIC dimensions

Format: Features 16:9 widescreen ,

Projection: Our Screens provide both options front & rear

Technology:Inflatable (constant  air )

Purpose: Indoor and outdoor


The set of speakers are 500W, light weight with excellent volume and sound quality for indoor and outdoor use for your EPIC Event of 150, 300 or 500 people.

Picture perfect

The projection system provides a range of multimedia connectivity from Blu-Ray/DVD players to game consoles (Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo etc), PC, MP3 players and is neatly stored in a road case for easy transport. The image quality is simply amazing! Powerful projectors are matched to the size of your screen and audiences, ranging from 3000 – 4500 ANSI Lumens


Other Inclusions

Constant air blower, duffle bag, Stakes, tarpaulin are also provided to keep the screen clean and securely fixed while being used outdoors