About Us


Melbourne Open Air Cinema is now FunFlicks Australia

We have recently changed business names from Melbourne Open Air Cinema to Funflicks Australia, Why you ask? We have been offering our services nation wide and our new name is in line with our vision of operating across Australia!

We have the same services, same friendly customer service team and technicians, the only thing we have changed is our name. If you have any questions please feel free to call 03 9012  7640 or email info@funflicks.com.au

The availability of the new inflatable outdoor movie screens has given a whole new dimension to the great outdoors and rekindles the magic of the drive-in cinema!

FunFlicks  was established to make the magic available to the whole community, whether for social, fundraisers or corporate outdoor events.

FunFlicks  provides a complete outdoor movie service in Melbourne and Rural Victoria.  Thanks to our SmartFolds, movies can now be screened indoors as well as outdoors.  Great for school halls, basketball stadiums, gyms and community halls and movies in the mall!